You have made a huge investment in your pool and we want to optimize that sparkling clear blue experience for you every day. Pool Kings, INC ensures satisfaction at every job we service, at a very competitive price.

Chemical Balancing

Full water chemistry panel including metals in the water -We can incorporate a more eco friendly swimming environment with green technology for healthier swimming conditions using scale control, phosphate control and enzyme control. (these eco products can incur additional charges) At Pool Kings, INC we like to optimize your swimming experience and give you the healthiest water balancing on the market with an unparalled swimming pool service. We care about our customers and the environment and can minimize the effects harsh chemicals can have. Call us today for a free estimate

New Swimming Pool Construction or Remodel of Existing Swimming Pools:

If you are interested in new pool construction or remodeling of your current pool give our office a call. We work with reputable swimming pool builders around the area and can refer you to one of our partners in the swimming pool industry.

Start Ups

If you just had a new pool built or have an existing pool with a new plaster job, we can help with the initial start up process. It is very imperative during the curing stages of the plaster to have chemicals properly balanced as well as brushing of the surface area. We will also start up the pool equipment when the pool is filled as well as labeling all the pool equipment. The start up process normally takes 5-7 days and approximately 30 days for the plaster to cure. After the start up, your pool filter may need to be thoroughly cleaned as the plaster dust could cause the pressure to rise. When the start up process is done, a “pool school” is recommended for the homeowner. We go over chemical balancing, addition of chemicals and all pool equipment. This will ensure your pool staying up to par with industry standards.

Scheduled Services

Monthly Maintenance

  • Emptying all baskets/skimmers
  • Removing all leaves and dirt already in the pool
  • Balancing chemicals, and adding them as needed

Monthly Backwashing

Every month we will backwash your filter. Having a clean and strong running filter is essential to having a clean and sparkling clear pool.

Landscaping and the size of your pool may impact the monthly fee. This will be discussed with you up front by your technician.

One-Time Services

Pool Cleaning

  • Emptying all baskets/skimmers
  • Removing all leaves and dirt already in the pool
  • Balancing chemicals, and adding them as needed

Filter Cleaning

  • Backwash filter
  • Clean or replace* grids

*Replacing grids will incur additional charges

Chemical Balancing

We check all chemical levels, including: pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, phosphates.

Equipment Check

Fully inspect all pumps, filters, PVC pipes, valves and heaters for leaks and cracks

Equipment Repair or Replacement

Full service, no-stress, turn-key repair and replacement

Deck Washing/Pressure Washing

A clean, beautiful deck is the perfect complement to a sparkling pool.

Acid Wash

Remove stains on the bottom of your pool.

Pool inspections

Before you buy a new home with a pool, give us a call and let us inspect it for you

Service Areas

Our service guarantee:

If at any point you are dissatisfied with our services please call our office and let us know of any issues 48 hours after the service was rendered and we will come back out to your pool to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your pool care.